This story will test your belief and will take you into a world of the unknown. A world of evil and strange, but you must believe in order to come out sane. Or you may choose to not believe in which case you might come out INSANE.................
Hi your book 5 in playing for keeps says it's no longer available.  Please posted again.
>.> That eyeball is definitely creeping me out. Can't wait to read more of this.
great beginning... i was on the edge of my seat for some parts too =)
                                    seriously, i fell off once (or twice)
Huummm gona have read oninto Insanity
                                    I like eye...its watching you
                                    I was even nice and didn't give Kevin a naked guy eiher only wicked eyes..
Am I the only one a tad thrown back by a non naked guy cover on your page? I'm okay cause we talked about it, but its a bit like seeing scuba Steve at chip and dales