A New Handsome, Arrogant, Toe-rag ↠ Harry x Ginny ||Completed||

A New Handsome, Arrogant, Toe-rag ↠ Harry x Ginny ||Completed||

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-"You are a Lazy, Arrogant, Toe-rag!" 
                       -"Am I really worse than the Giant squid?" 
                                                          -"When will it get into your big egotistical head that I don't like you!" 

Harry James Potter thinks he has fallen for his best friends sister, Ginny Weasley. What will happen when he try's to make their relationship a reality? WILL his efforts fail? or WILL Ginny fall head over heels in love with him?  Read on to find out... 

 ▪️AU where Voldemort doesn't exist

 ▪️A hinny/Jily crossover fanfiction

Currently Writing mini epilogues

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H I G H E S T   R A N K I N G S: 
#3 in Ginny 
#3 in Hinny 

**Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters and stuff you recognise that is all the work of JK Rowling.  

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trashieweirdo trashieweirdo May 18, 2018
I would be surprised too if my dead mother was up and about. Sorry, I don't comment much, but I love the twist you gave to this story
Uniquedreamer01 Uniquedreamer01 Mar 15, 2018
Idk why but whenever I write about Hinny all I can do is keep them apart from each other and I can’t make them be in a relationship. So when you write you put your personality in the books and this is exactly why can’t be in a relationship.
kawaiipotato126 kawaiipotato126 Jun 05, 2018
“We aren’t just ordinary people who make pots.....”😂😂😂
Astramine Astramine May 24, 2018
How come no one’s commented this, I mean Potter, make pots eh, sorry I’m just very lame😆
evilgguks evilgguks Jun 24, 2018
You touched a heartstring DX
                              Love the twist, I think it sets the whole story of Harry into a better light :)
AmeliaPotterGrace AmeliaPotterGrace Jan 05, 2018
I can't help but grin as soon as I saw her name I wanted a story like this