One In A Milyon 2 (Urban Fiction)

One In A Milyon 2 (Urban Fiction)

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Milyon Carter has been captured, hidden away from the world and found herself becoming completely alone. She waits in a dark room, being tortured and surrounded by nothing but more darkness. She doesn't know where she is or who would do this, she just wants to go home. She waits and waits for Maceon or Cartier to come to her rescue but nothing. 

Maceon Carter is healing from the attempt someone had taken on his life but he's also gaining his strength back, preparing to attack the enemy. He wants revenge on Bullet, his parents murderer and he will do anything to get it. While plotting and scheming on the enemy, his sister is captured and he doesn't know where she could possibly be. He has lost his sister... once again. His situation just got a whole lot more complicated.

Will Milyon see the day of light soon or will she wait and become too comfortable during her stay? Will Maceon find his sister or will he be too late?

Will be released on NOVEMBER 25th, 2013.

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queen_tracy queen_tracy Sep 30
I would've pretended to be dead or something. Or at least pretend to be unconscious until they realize I'm pretending. Long enough to form a plan
ninygigi ninygigi Jun 27
He gon find his sis ....something tellin me tht bullet is the cause of this
jrobin44 jrobin44 Aug 13
This is stupid why does this book not pick up from book 1?????
Maaaann if bullet out here lookin like thanksgiving dinner then all that murdering nonsense is in the past... 💀😂
I don't wanna be like cinderella sittin in a dark cold dusty cellar waitin for somebody to come & set me free
ThaWorst_ ThaWorst_ Sep 10
So this more important than checking on your sister? I see where your priorities are. Smh.