Sidechick Syndrome

Sidechick Syndrome

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Sidechick Syn·dro·me

1. A female who is use to being second or at a lower position in her partner(s) heart.

2. One who feels she is not worthy of love to the fullest potential.

"Man my jump-off is crazy! I think she got sidechick syndrome."

Synonyms: Low morals, secret texting/calling, excessive crying, dreaming at night of being number one, memory loss of their position, delusion...

No medicine can cure this sickness...

Infinity....keep playing and you gonna be called a hoe for infinity. But damn we just slowly dropping ages, how old the next bitch? 12?
nicki951 nicki951 Aug 20, 2016
She says she know her place but she is trying to become more than a side chick 😂😂 girl you need to relearn that place
nickii1395 nickii1395 Nov 21, 2016
If infinity don't go sit down somewhere with her young her name though it matches her description in a way though
MariaSimpson772 MariaSimpson772 Sep 24, 2016
Plus it's everyday life girls these ages are living so it's realistic
liyah1220 liyah1220 Oct 10, 2016
Dont worry about their ages younger girls are out having sex too
Makaveli4Ever Makaveli4Ever Sep 07, 2016
Infinity better learn that there is a incurable disease called AIDS