Hate My Mate{Watty Awards 2012}

Hate My Mate{Watty Awards 2012}

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Carloswashere By Carloswashere Completed

“Whatever you’re doing, you gotta have fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it a whole hell of a lot wrong, my motto on life.” I smiled, feeling giddy. The two looked at me and thought of how good friends we could be. The Alpha, the Beta and the Omega, it sounds nice.

 “Tamya you are-” Ryder began but suddenly someone crashed through the door, not only throwing it off its hinges but splitting it in half.

“Where the hell is she?” Eric looked like one of those cartoon characters with steam shooting out of his ears.

 He took a look around, obviously searching for something, someone. He look mental, even more mental me, if that’s even possible. Finally his eyes landed on something and he looked more grounded and I finally realized what he was looking for.

“Tamya.” He managed to growl out looking straight at me. He stomp over and stood there looking down at me. He looked like he was about to sprout fur and go all wolf on my butt.

“Hi?” I asked and he looked a little calmer at that.

“Where were you?” He snarled looking angry so I did what any self-respecting and rational person would do.

l went all ninja on his ass and knocked him to the ground, “Obviously I was here since that was where you found me. Duh.”

“What is wrong with you? We’re mates, you were supposed to fall head over heels with me, not try to beat me up and start a rival pack.” He growled in frustration only succeeding in making me burst out into a fit of giggles. He glared making me laugh harder than before. Messing with this kid is amusing.            

“Love is living up to another person’s expectations of what they feel you should be. Does that sound like me?” I asked.

“Not at all.” I heard the three boys chorused. I knew I was special, they all know who’s the boss. Moi.

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AshleyFlickinger AshleyFlickinger Jun 15, 2013
The poem reminded me of pocohontas! I started singing the song from the movie lol
DawnGhost DawnGhost Nov 07, 2012
Dangerous one, duh. :D What's the point of being safe and boring? Nice. :>
Carloswashere Carloswashere Nov 05, 2012
@Ethreal is that good or bad? Or a mistake,,,,,,,,,just curious
em-leigh em-leigh Oct 29, 2012
@Carloswashere aha! I liked the poemy bit! Then you turned all psycho with your upside down exclamation points ;) lmfao
Carloswashere Carloswashere Oct 29, 2012
@EmmaaLeighh ignore how hyperactive she is at the start. It was kind of something that I was writing for the hell of it and then it got popul;ar so my writing went from trash to decent.
FallenSnowflake FallenSnowflake Aug 04, 2012
This was beautifully written. Nice powerful words. However, you spelt *prologue wrong. (: Other than that, flawless writing!