Hetalia ~ Germania x Reader

Hetalia ~ Germania x Reader

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Here is a glimpse of what your future holds with your husband Germania.
It's a domestic Au wherein you are in a loving household with three wonderful children and an amazing husband.

Okay, Rane here, I remember writing this and I had so much fun jotting this down on paper. I'm the type of person that whenever I have a story, I write it down on paper and then type it on my phone or laptop whenever there is time. There are some subtle things here and I wonder if you can see them? (typed : 6-6-2015)

Liebe (German) : Love
Ehemann (German) : Husband
Mutti (German) : Mother/Mom
Vatti (German) : Father/Dad

Hetalia is created by Hidekaz Himaruya
Germania (cover photo) - CrazyCookieManiac
( http://crazycookiemaniac.deviantart.com/)

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