Marriage To An Adult

Marriage To An Adult

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Leah Anne By DancerAnne Completed

A young girl, leaves her normal life to marry a stranger for her grandfather's wishes. Her new husband does the same, even though he's.. well, an adult. Will their marriage last all the troubles their families will put them through? And will they learn that loving one another is something that they should pursue? 

Find out in Marriage To An Adult.

#36 Romance (05/04/14) #49 Teen Fiction (05/04/14)

Marriage To An Adult is not alowd on the hot list because the main character is under 16 years old.

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anotherlittleANGEL anotherlittleANGEL Sep 18, 2016
hey don't feel disheartened by bad comments. this much age gap is not a big deal. you know your story's plot reminds me of a very cute korean movie. Although I can't remember the name right now. Pretty interested to read this one!
Chokhoni Chokhoni 5 days ago
Wish Rob is older  than 22 maybe 40 than it would awesome hehe
akaluv99 akaluv99 Sep 27, 2016
This is...well different, but it's not surprising to see something like this on Wattpad.
piuli_dr piuli_dr Dec 13, 2016
Yesterday went out with some friends when a stranger guy offered me space to go saying ladies first and I burst into laughter...some gentleman! I am more comfortable to my friends slangs...
I didnt know it was possible to get married before 18 and that to an young adult. Isnt that illegal?🤔 
                              Anyway I dont care, I like the plot👌
hazel_shc hazel_shc Dec 14, 2016
How can someone get convinced si easily....marriage is one of the most imp decision of ur life n it took her like 2 mins to agree n dat to a complete stranger. ..and her can she?!?!