Marriage To An Adult

Marriage To An Adult

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Leah Anne By DancerAnne Completed

A young girl, leaves her normal life to marry a stranger for her grandfather's wishes. Her new husband does the same, even though he's.. well, an adult. Will their marriage last all the troubles their families will put them through? And will they learn that loving one another is something that they should pursue? 

Find out in Marriage To An Adult.

#36 Romance (05/04/14) #49 Teen Fiction (05/04/14)

Marriage To An Adult is not alowd on the hot list because the main character is under 16 years old.

(Copyright © DancerAnne 2015 All rights reserved. Any idea's stolen are not intentional. Please do not steal this story for you will be hunted down.)

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ellelake ellelake Jun 11
I like, I am always looking for different types of books and now I have found one
canadianxo canadianxo Apr 30
I was shook for a moment because it thought her mom yelled out "you're not a baker anymore, you're an idiot "
ZoeAlder ZoeAlder May 27
I love this book. The age difference doesn't bother me at all because my parents have a 9 year age difference. They tell me that as long as I marry someone within 10 years of my age, it's not a big deal.
Frevame Frevame Oct 04
My husband is 11 yrs older than me so doesn't bug me any lol I didn't marry him until I was in my 20s tho but still age doesn't matter as long as ur in love 😃
Frevame Frevame Oct 04
So far I like it. Its not like she was forced she had a choice. Everyone acts like she didn't. I think he should have known her age before they signed the papers. Poor guy he didn't know