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My Mafia Prince Charming 《boyxboy》

My Mafia Prince Charming 《boyxboy》

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Dragonic By Dragonic Updated May 14

Sup, name's Sno. I live a below average life, meaning it's kinda crappy. But hey, I've got some pretty cool things too. Like my best friend Eileen, with her dramatic and outgoing self with her fun pink hair, my adoptive parents are really cool, and my little adoptive sister is adorable too. But being a gay in a fairly small town is what sucks. If you're different in my high school, then you're not worth much.  and I was prepared to deal with the crap going on just the way it was. But of course things change when a new guy moves here. And it's not that he's new that draws so much attention. This guy could be a GOD with the way he looks. built, tanned perfectly,  in other words a total knock out. But there's something else with him that's just.....different......and I feel like I'm going to find out whether if I want to or not.

I would have told the teacher "fuc* off! When I tell someone off! You sit your fat as* down and not inturupt!"
I used to love Ben and Jerry's phish food ice cream. Soooo nom.
Livalife78 Livalife78 Jul 09, 2016
I was born on Halloween, and some people think that's it's the Devils B-day. Some of them pity me and the others avoid me.
juju4eva juju4eva Dec 21, 2016
Im imagining him like lucky blue smith with glasses and a hint of blue in his hair😍😍
Pet_Submissive Pet_Submissive Mar 04, 2016
'Scuse me! Mama comin through! That's it! He's already my baby! Take it or leave it folks!
immaloony immaloony Oct 24, 2016
I read her entire dialog in a Scottish accent because of the first line