Moondust Strangers

Moondust Strangers

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BlixxMig23 By Blixxmig23 Updated Feb 13, 2017

Join Luna and Justin as they switch dimensions, and travel to a totally different world, unlike their own. 

Luna, a fragile, strong-hearted girl with a heart of gold, lives in a world known as Contraire. In this world, everything is unlike that of Earth. 'Upside down', as some would say. Luna has a somewhat 'sketchy' past. One night, she had cried herself to sleep, grieving over the death of her father. The next morning, when she awoke on a bench, on an unknown street, she is terrified. She later goes to find, that she is in a totally different world, an unknown dimension..

Meet Justin. The school jerk. The official all-powerful king of jerks. All hail King Justin, the jerkiest jerk of jerk-faces in jerk-faceville! So basically, he's a jerk. Growing up as an outcast, he was alone, like, a lot. In school, he tried to be the 'pop' kid, but he turned into the 'nope' kid... Let's just say, he doesn't have very many friends... Actually, he has one. Gerald. The best guy in the Universe. AKA, the school's biggest nerd. On just another casual night, Justin went to sleep on the same bench he always does. It's not creepy.. When he awoke, he found himself in a girly, pink bedroom. Not to mention, in a totally different dimension.. 

Join them on their journey to get back to the place they call home, these two 'Moondust Strangers'...

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