Camila Cabello Imagines

Camila Cabello Imagines

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5hTho By CD_xxx Updated Jul 26, 2017

I sat with my cousin in the studio while he tuned his guitar. He's been producing some song with Camila Cabello, it's pretty good, she's pretty good. Good looking too. I like spending time with her, I'm not gonna lie, I'm only at this damn studio to see her. 

"Hey y/n? Why don't you record vocals too?" My cousin, Lewis, asked me. I frowned and shook my head slowly.

"Why would anyone want to download a song with some random voice in it?" I shrugged. 

He chuckled a little and shook his head. "I dunno, ask Camila. She's the one that suggested it" 

Now he had my attention. She wants me to sing with her?


He shrugged, looking down at his guitar. "She saw some video of you on Instagram, you know? The one that got a great response"

I smirked, I'm proud of that video. Camila Cabello wants me to sing with her. Ha, how cute. 

"Where is she anyway?" I asked Lewis, crossing my arms. He looked up at me with raised brows, a smirk was growing on his face slowly.

"Oh how you'd like to...

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ctrl_creole ctrl_creole Dec 16, 2017
lmfaooooo she said lame ass soccer team. Let that hoe know Camila