The Opposite Of Attraction

The Opposite Of Attraction

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Mikayla By greyfarrell Completed

{Previously known as Loving My Enemy}


Is the phrase "Opposites attract" right? Maybe... But not for Sophia Mackenzie and Damon Blake. The phrase for them is more like "The opposite of attraction"

Ever since the fourth grade Damon and Sophia have been sworn enemies.  

Now it's senior year and they're still throwing insult after insult at each other. Everyone knows that when they're in the same room all hell will break loose. Even the teachers knew not to put them in the same class.     

Well at least all but one. Mr. Willis being the crazy teacher he is purposely choose these two to be in the same class. Everyone said them being in the same class for a year would be a disaster waiting to happen. 

What they all didn't expect was for Damon and Sophia to grow closer than ever.

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Been one chapter and I have read “cliché” more than a billion times
purplecloud__ purplecloud__ Mar 25, 2017
I sit at a full table but basically only me and my best friend talk. It's weird.
HahaFangirl101 HahaFangirl101 Feb 22, 2017
                              Blondes have a higher IQ average, don't ya know? ;3
- - Nov 07, 2016
This story is so much like my life except I'm not popular and the guy I hate is. Also they are lucky I'm In 8th grade and everyone ships us and it is so frikin annoying.  Yeah and he's in two of my classes
abyy22337 abyy22337 Feb 21, 2017
Bahrain (ikt most ppl don't know this country cuz it's just a DOT on the WORLD map :) but it's the neighbouring country of Dubai :3
Han_79 Han_79 Feb 02, 2017
It's so obvious how much he likes her ;)
                              You know what they say if a guy teases a girl non stop it usually means he LIKES her 😏