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Can James Potter, Marauder and troublemaker extraordinaire, ever convince Lily Evans, Prefect and good girl that they were meant to be?

Lily Evans has spent most of her Hogwarts career hating James Potter. But when fate (and a little help from Dumbledore) intervenes, they find themselves thrust together and quickly fall in love.

But there are darker things at hand,

As Voldemort grows stronger, they must grow up fast and when the people they love are directly threatened the pair and their closest friends must be ready to face what’s to come.

With love, betrayal and a little mischief, Priori Incantatem will leave you breathless long after you’ve turned the last page…

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elbit2000 elbit2000 Jun 06
You've missed some golden oppurtunities to develop the relationship between the marauders and how they really met and all that. i would have liked to see Peter's sorting, given he was a hatstall, but different doesn't necessarily mean bad. Can't wait to keep reading
Erebus is the name of the chaos and darkness that Tartarus came out of. Just gonna throw this out here.
MaddieHope1 MaddieHope1 Dec 18, 2016
This is the story that made me love fanfiction :) I come back to it during the holidays during YouTube's Harry Christmas to You! 
                              P.S. Check out my story if you have the time please!
- - Dec 04, 2016
NO, bad James. Do not smirk at the girl you like. Give her a friendly smile. BAD JAMES. This is why you will get rejected so hard, so many times, boy.
emma_mcc emma_mcc Jan 12, 2016
omg I love this already! my friend recommended it to me and tbh I've always been a bit of a snily shipper rather than jily but I cannot believe I'm only just reading this for the first time - love it omg!
maknaevis maknaevis Jan 10, 2016
I started squealing to myself when I remembered this book and I thought "I must read it again. Right now."