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范丞丞の신부 By natanazurah Updated Mar 21, 2017

Hey Everyone!
finally, finally! I've decided to do a series of BangLyz scenarios/compilation because suddenly, I just can't think of the right title for this one-shot I'm wanting to publish. Plus, I have more one-shot ideas to publish. Therefore, tadaa~! here we are.

As I am a TaeJeong shipper, it would mostly consist of them but don't worry! other ships such as JeongIn, Keimin, RapSoul, MiHope will come! 

start: 17th January 2017
Official date of Publish: 20th January, 2017

Characters do not belong to me. Plots are 100% mine. Plagiarism and Copying are highly prohibited.

  • banglyz
  • bts
  • lovelyz
  • mihope
  • rapsoul
  • sugae
  • taejeong
  • yooae