Trouble..(Evan peters/Editing)

Trouble..(Evan peters/Editing)

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dwightshrute4 By dwightshrute4 Updated Sep 07, 2017

Trouble will drag you down, are you still willing to try to save what you have? 

Or will you let it take you under?

{MATURE!! 18+ content}

(Inspired by the After series)

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NovaNaut NovaNaut Jul 07, 2017
                              That moment
                              When you're only 3 or so inches shorter than him
                              Lmao help I'm tall
gucciARMYmemer gucciARMYmemer May 13, 2017
I don't even find this offensive or something in the lines of "slutshaming", I don't like This girl already
httpgot7 httpgot7 Jan 20, 2017
lool i just read your book and it is my first time, and our character has the same name loll
-reddiespaghetti -reddiespaghetti Jan 27, 2017
what if he's already dead..? *cough* tate *cough cough* my bad, allergies.
themaroonflash themaroonflash Dec 14, 2016
Is it bad that I read this in an anime voice like the girl Yuki voice from vampire knight
arialuv_Peters arialuv_Peters Nov 16, 2015
I imagine her having a bad dream and Evan looking at her like tf