Trouble..(Evan peters/Editing)

Trouble..(Evan peters/Editing)

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dwightshrute4 By dwightshrute4 Updated Dec 31, 2016

Trouble will drag you down, are you still willing to try to save what you have? 

Or will you let it take you under?

{MATURE!! 18+ content}

(Inspired by the After series)

sgtpepper22 sgtpepper22 Oct 02, 2016
Lmao at my friends party, a lady pointed to her and said to her daughter " that's how you don't dress when you grow up"
dwightshrute4 dwightshrute4 Oct 25, 2016
Chilll after people I had put it already that this book is inspired by the series 👍
peters_bae peters_bae 2 days ago
lool i just read your book and it is my first time, and our character has the same name loll
friends4life01 friends4life01 Dec 14, 2016
Is it bad that I read this in an anime voice like the girl Yuki voice from vampire knight
arsenaI arsenaI Sep 29, 2016
that's if he isn't either dead, abducted by aliens, busy attending to witches needs , runnin a freak show or gettin snitched on by his maid lol take a shot girl
arialuv_Peters arialuv_Peters Nov 16, 2015
I imagine her having a bad dream and Evan looking at her like tf