Hiraeth: The Rise of Sol (Book One)

Hiraeth: The Rise of Sol (Book One)

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Aaron Hui By Aaron_Hui Updated Feb 21, 2017

The S.O.L. Project was initially hailed as the scientific gemstone of the 22nd century; a haven where any research that could potentially save humanity from the 4th major ice age was allowed.    

However, due to the ever-increasing pressure to deliver results, restrictions on the research conducted at S.O.L. eventually began to wane to the point where ethics were no longer a concern.  They decide to flee the Earth, away from the clutches of the United Earth Alliance to their laboratories on Mars, and thus began their genocidal war on the unenhanced people of Earth.
Far in the distant future after the Akari failed to destroy Solysium, the Solis Republic forces push them back to the brink of destruction.  As the Akari retreat, Republic pilot Kaizer Hiraeth loses control of his Cardinal Ancillia battle mecha and falls out of slip space, crash-landing back in time on a strange and frozen planet.
When Kaizer awakens, he meets a girl that's eerily reminiscent of someone from his own time and begins to discover what it means to be human. After a shocking discovery that completely shatters the meaning of his existence, he will need to make a decision that will not only alter his future, but the future of all humankind as well.  

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HIRAETH: The Rise of Sol (Book One) is currently still in progress.  Future chapters will be released in sections after editing.  
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A note on the etymology of the name:

Hiraeth is a Welsh word and it conveys a deep, inborn sense of yearning for a feeling, a place, a person, or a home that maybe never was. Although the protagonist doesn't know the etymology of his name, it reflects his grief and regrets for the places long lost in his people's past through his journey from the future.  Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the story!