The Goddess of Two Faces [×Reapertale!Sans X Goddess!Reader×]ON HOLD

The Goddess of Two Faces [×Reapertale!Sans X Goddess!Reader×]ON HOLD

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『Dr. Richtofen』 By Im_My_Own_InSaNity Updated Jan 19

[Published: January 19, 2017]
[Completed:_______ __, 20XX]

A tale tells of two immortals who kept the universe stable.

One was kind-hearted, sweet, and all out gentle. Her arua was soft, one you would want to hang around a lot. Her job was to care for the universe, make monster and humans, plants, and animals. She was Life.

The other was her polar opposite. He was deadly, lazy, and carried around a scythe, which, on command, became a duel-weild scythe. His job was to take the lives of the dying, and collect the souls for judgment. Everything he touched would always wither away, starting internally then externally, practically painless. This was Death.

These two immortals became a strong inspiration for another Goddess. Nicknamed dólios, or Two-faced in Greek, she was the Goddess of two faces. By day, She was the Goddess of the Sun; Named Aditi . By nightfall, She was the Goddess of the Moon; Named Arianrhan. Her name is unbeknownst to mortals, and it's said that only the other Gods and Goddesses know her real name.

The Goddess of the Light with the Goddess of Life.
The Goddess of the Dark with the God of Death.

Idiot-17 Idiot-17 May 27
When there are Greek names I just Buzz them out and use there birth names and pls cotinue
I just LOVE how my name means dark and I have like 2 friends while my SISTER's name means LIGHT and she has like what? 19-200 friends?! YEAH SO TOTALLY NOT TRIGGERED AT ALL!🙃
krayzeetree krayzeetree Jan 20
my goodness what an intro! i sense a lot of potential in this story! keep up the great work! 
I can't wait for another part! This story is very well made.