Project Muslimah [COMPLETED]

Project Muslimah [COMPLETED]

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Islam. Only one word, but more than twenty percent of the population. At least one fifth of this whole entire world is Muslim. But yet there are some who don't know anything about them, despite being a Muslim themselves. 

Among these people is an Afghan Muslim girl whose name is Amarah Sahar. She is seventeen years old, a senior in high school. She was born and raised in Canada with an Afghan background. Amarah has lived her life thinking that life is all about people not religion. She's never even wondered what the word Allah meant until she met the man who mistakenly changes her life.

She wasn't snobby, she wasn't a girly-girl and neither was she a good girl. She was the most popular girl in school. She was lazy, immensely dense and had incredibly bad habits . But with that she was also funny, teasing and loud. No one ever saw her as a threat. She was an only child with parents that spent two-thirds of their life working and only one-third living with Amarah. They failed to educate Amarah and give her support. 

But when a 22 year old student teacher enters the school and sees Amarah's bad habits, he won't forget and neither will he forgive so easily for what she has done and what she continues doing. Out of all the people who cut her some slack, he isn't any of them. Will this Islam-loving, strict but sincere teacher ever show Amarah the true light of Islam?

Aishah233 Aishah233 Oct 25, 2017
Thank u to the author of this and jazaakallahu khairal jazaa, I have been looking for something like this😊😊
Its_Meems Its_Meems Jan 01, 2017
Rereading this because I completely forgot what it was about and I love this story xD
mylovelyluke22 mylovelyluke22 Dec 10, 2016
Masha Allah .. It seems great .. I should probably continue reading .
NiningKurnia2 NiningKurnia2 Jun 22, 2016
Hiii, this story start so amazing, I think I should to read it more, can't wait to know what happen about Amarah xD
bookworthy bookworthy Nov 10, 2016
I liked the book just my reading prologue.mashallah you have good conceptual thinking.
chogiwa_1899 chogiwa_1899 Dec 05, 2015
You know what I'm really excited to read this because there aren't many stories where the characters are Afghan and it's manly based on other cultures but this is just YASSSS (btw I'm afghan:)lol)