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chkmdddy By chkmdddy Updated Jan 16, 2017

I was sitting in Starbucks waiting for my friend Lynn to hurry up and finished  her coffee,I found that she was a really sweet person, but sometimes she annoys me due to how long she takes to drink coffee. (My friends @ me)

We were just talking about schools and how nervous I was to go back, and how exited she was. That's the only issue in our friendship, she's the girl who has an endless supply of friends, unlike me who has an endless supply of crippling depression. So many guys would fling themselves off a cliff to be with her, I'm not jealous as I'm not gay (we'll see about that when you meet the smexy victurd 🌚🌞🌝) and jokes on them, she's a lesbian and has a crush on a girl called Alicia who is the antisocial girl always sitting at the back of the class. Thank god Alicia and Lynn are going to the same school otherwise she would have jumped off a (jersey ;)) bridge!

She finally finished and I thought I must get home, then suddenly remembered that I had a homework due that I for...

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