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Elizabeth By bettyboo125bo Updated 3 months ago
Luna’s been a trained fighter since she was five. She witnessed her first murder at age eight, and she killed her first person at age thirteen. But unlike the others she trains beside, Luna is different. She has a gift. The moon is like her own personal energy source, seeing as it gives her the strength and power that others only dream of having. On one mission, she’s ordered to kill the innocent. When she declines, she soon becomes the target as others she’s trained beside are ordered to kill her. Luna runs and finds herself keeping shelter with an old wise, mysterious woman and her very attractive, overdramatic, irritating grandson. She then sets out to get answers…will she find them? Or will she find herself protecting those whom she’s been trained all her life to kill?
Really good story! Personally, I think the motorcycle is a bit overkill with the badass thing, but I love her attitude.
Just by reading the first page I knew I would like this story. I love the name luna and I love the moon I mean just look at my user name and I think this story is awesome.
I really enjoyed it but if there is more killing then I don't think I will keep on reading.
I am already starting to love this story by reading the first chapter. Awesomeness !
i love how it begins, its like imagining a movie in my head and its just that aweome, great story
i reeeeeeeeeally like this concept!! gah i cant even think of more 2 write on this comment lol coz i really really just wanna go 2 the next page n read!! haha :)