Flames and Frost

Flames and Frost

11.4K Reads 707 Votes 22 Part Story
٭Suezy-chii٭ By s4rah_su3 Updated Apr 26

{Sequel to: Fire and Ice}

Nashi's life took a turn for the better. With a new home, loving friend, and growing bond with Storm, life couldn't get more adventurous.
But when an old friend returns after being gone for a year, things start getting. . . interesting.

This is Nashi's story of being a queen of a colony. Where royalty, enemies, fellowship, and. . . heart-break await her?

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Cover art: Kkumri
Cover editing: by me! 
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SailorPureAngel SailorPureAngel Jun 02, 2017
I swear I really mean this when I say you have written one of my all time favourite fanfic and it just gets better and better with each chapter I read
kushinared_king kushinared_king Jun 03, 2017
Author San... In your cover the middle man at the bottom row is colorless... Is that reiki???
everling7777 everling7777 Jun 09, 2017
I'm cheering right bow. Also please make him  an awesome person who likes awesome stuff. Thank you!
Squidney_50 Squidney_50 Jun 07, 2017
Omg I just finished the last book after binging for about 2 hours and now it's 12:14 at night and I'm tired. But I love this story so much!!!!
Okay but as I'm imagining this it's just so epic if I could draw, I would totally make fanart for this XD
                              (Technically I can draw but I have trouble imagining my own characters and shading them. Plus I usually do realistic art soooo lol)
I'm like really jittery because you're making this seem really epic and I can't handle it XD