Hey Jude 1 & 2 (H.S.)

Hey Jude 1 & 2 (H.S.)

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"The minute you let her under your skin -then you begin to make it better."

Jude Pierce is finally making her dream trip to London to attend a two day concert tribute to The Beatles. Her love for the band and the city is soon overtaken by a simple request from none other than Harry Styles, whom she briefly meets upon her first night in town.

Question is . . . 

How many seconds would it take you to say yes if Harry Styles asked you to play his girlfriend for a night . . . or two?

I went to Disney world and there were so many British people and every time I heard them speak I cried and my brothers started to get annoyed because i was legit sobbing in the middle f magical kingdom
what a cool adventure! going to London to meet her idol and then meeting Harry, too! For me it would be the other way around, tho - hyperventilating when I meet Harry and thinking, "That other guy looks familiar." lol
My dad passed his musical tastes down to me, and I will be forever grateful. :)
John is my heart ❤️ I love this story so far. The Beatles and Harry mixed together, my heart might burst.
But if I met a Beatle, I probably wouldn't be able to keep my cool. Lol
Love this song, love that her name is Jude. I also love how English people speak... Lol