Love is complicated ( jerrie )

Love is complicated ( jerrie )

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Jade was a 15 year old girl . She was popular  has many friends and enjoyed her life .  She has an older brother named Carl . He was on her school but this was his last year at this school .

Jade was in her room reading . Yeah she's a popular girl AND read books , she  can't believe that some people think that this is impossible. Carl throw a party downstairs  because their parents were out. Jade was annoyed . She has nothing against the party but the music was really loud . 

She walked downstairs and search for her brother . She saw many drunk boys and girls , they were dancing like crazy .  She finally could find him with a blond girl . She was really beautiful jade has seen her often here . Whenever her brother had visitors, she was there . 

,, Jade what are you doing here ? '' Jade snapped out and stopped staring at the girl . 
,, I'm sorry , but the music is really loud and i cant do anything '' Jade knows her brother wouldn't be mad . 
He hugged his little sister...

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CheNupet CheNupet Dec 11, 2016
Your grammar is not easy to understand ... r u German or sth?