[COMPLETED] The Academy For Genetically Gifted Children Book One: Genesis

[COMPLETED] The Academy For Genetically Gifted Children Book One: Genesis

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COMPLETED // Highest Ranking: #12 in Science Fiction

As the author I feel the responsibility to warn you of what you will encounter if you choose to read  The Academy For Genetically Altered Children series:
-a boy whose life depends on a rock
-a lurking monster
-a lot of sassiness 
-strange powers
-a future that might not be far off from our own
-a room full of weapons
-strange, vivid dreams
-children infused with animals
-students disappearing

// Even among a genetically altered society Andromeda Lovelace, Kai Kinsman, Layla DeStone, and Orion Hornthaw are considered far from normal. 

The GOP (Government Owned Property) Children were created, their genes professionally selected before they even came into existence. Birthed by surrogate mothers for the government, these four children have to discover just how they came to be, why they exist, and what the New Nation expects from them. 

At the age of twelve, they each are selected for the Academy for Genetically Gifted Children; an institution for "special" children. There, they will face insane tasks, meet a diverse group of kids and adults, and uncover secrets about themselves, the academy, and the government--ones that might better be kept hidden. 

Meanwhile, something sinister is haunting the academy's grounds and the GOP Children are facing inner battles of their own: Andi is having drastically realistic nightmares, Kai's life depends on a rock, Layla is hearing screams and whispers, and Rion has secrets of his own. 

Join the four GOP Children on a journey that may make you question things about yourself, the future, and what is right and what is inhumane in a world that may not be so far off--and maybe, just maybe you'll even see a little bit of yourself in each character. 


This is my first novel, so I'm fairly new to this haha. I'm sure there will be the occasional grammatical error so I apologize in advance! I hope you all enjoy it and I am open to any suggestions!