That Girl's Mines  ( Urban Lesbian Love Story )

That Girl's Mines ( Urban Lesbian Love Story )

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Jan 13, 2017

Jaserae ( Jas-Er-Ray ) was born and raised in Los Angels California. Home of drug dealers, fine men, the fast life...and beautiful women. Working at the bussiest night club in LA, BED she got to witness every kind of person there was...but one catches her eye, Lea.

When the two laid eyes on eachother they just had to speak...would that be the worst thing to happen to them ?

Lea was Dallas Born and L.A raised. She was " different. " She has been used and abused in relationships and she thought it was over for her...until she meets Jassy...Will she regret ever walking into the Club that night ?

" Don't do this, know you want me " Jassy tells her looking into her eyes...Lea shyfully looked away...Jaserrae always had that affect on her....Jassy put a finger under her chin and lifted her head up..." Lea.....You're mines "

With that being said....she pressed her lips to her.

Shes mine, Lea thought to herself.


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JaiiexxProductionz JaiiexxProductionz Mar 08, 2017
I'm Confused Your Spelling It Three Different Ways  Jaserae,Jaserrae, Now Jezerrae.I'm Just Confused
Sassyyyy Sassyyyy Jun 17, 2016
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That's 200 dollars every 40 people. See I would do that butttttt, I don't have the time, patience, or people skills needed. Sooooo...
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When everyone in the comments a sneaker head but u hate sneakers and all u wear are heels and platforms :')
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Why she kick better game than over half of these guys out here? Lol.
KaraLashun KaraLashun Sep 26, 2016
When you really can't relate to being a sneaker head. I only have Nike running shoes and the rest are pumps, boots, and heels 👠. I'll buy a pair of forces every now and then...😁