What You Created

What You Created

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xera_baba By xera_baba Updated Oct 27

Julian Young was born last into the alpha family of the Blue Blood pack. He was treated as nothing more than a slave by his own pack and family. 

Julian tried hard to fit into his pack but only received noting but abuse and bruises in return. 

His only hope was to find his mate and hopefully move away from his dreaded pack but luck wasn't in his side. 

Mated to the beta of his pack and his bully from childhood, Julian beloved for a short moment that his mate would save him and he would be accepted into the pack again but that was short lived when his mate rejected him for someone else. 

Having had enough, Julian ran and never looked back.

  • abuse
  • boyxboy
  • brothers
  • changed
  • family
  • hybrid
  • mate
  • mistreated
  • mpreg
  • neglected
  • rejected
  • romance
  • running
  • supernatural
  • triplets
  • twins
  • vampires
  • war
  • werewolf
- - Dec 08, 2017
When you are flawless on the outside who needs things like kindness?
Hope122000 Hope122000 Jun 02, 2017
His family eats like they haven't eaten in centuries 😂😂
crymeriverz crymeriverz Nov 12, 2017
Damn why does this sound so familiar..... oh yeah... that's me every morning with my family.... *tears  ;-; *
cheesecake91 cheesecake91 Jul 22, 2017
Damn man how u have 8 kids😱 my mom has 4 and looks about ready to rip her head off😮. Respect.👌✌
cowboy1014 cowboy1014 Jun 10, 2017
these numbers are really unrealistic. on person can not make all of this food in  such a short amount of time. I suggest reduce the number or have more people cooking.
- - Dec 08, 2017
So many kids in so little time. I know their favorite sport is!