Lethal Passion (Jeff The Killer)

Lethal Passion (Jeff The Killer)

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Everything seemed perfect at first, but what happens when the person you once loved turns into a cold-blooded killer . . . Marika would know.

He will play with you, he'll mess you up, he will stop at nothing from making you more miserable than you already are. All your effort will be useless as you get dragged back to the past which you desperately tried to escape.

Your happiness, aspirations and your very life will shatter into a million pieces until you feel nothing but pain and torture.

. . . Or will you strive to change your fate?

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jupuneese jupuneese Jun 21, 2016
I don't really enjoy incest but this book is way too awesome! I love it. This isn't a hate comment, so don't worry about it. I won't hate. I'm already loving the story. I'm on the fifth chapter already and I came back to post this comment. Your writing is good and I love it. Great plot ❤
_BellaxBeba_ _BellaxBeba_ Nov 26, 2016
What Incest means to me:
                              -It's gotta be a freaking good story
                              -Holy shiet hell yea XD
I have no idea why the hell and who the hell just ship them!
BabyBlueKiller BabyBlueKiller Jun 11, 2016
I don't comment at all not even about incest so I don't really care I just think these stories are intresting
JourneyOfLoss JourneyOfLoss May 29, 2016
I'm not against incest as long as it's not me, I don't roll that way.
Sinon_Sniper101 Sinon_Sniper101 Sep 18, 2016
AMEN!! (This story is going to be WAY more interesting because of the incest)