The Burning Prince Of Midnight (Killua X Male Oc) (Gon X Male Oc No.2)

The Burning Prince Of Midnight (Killua X Male Oc) (Gon X Male Oc No.2)

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Official kiel + Ciel By loveyoutodeath1312 Updated Apr 03

"The Night where all of My Life burns away within a second....
But when i met a pair of bluest eyes and a fluffy white hair...
why does he fills up My entire mind and churns the Memories away...?"

The Ignicos Family are full of talented people ranging to singing,dancing,and other stuff
But the one that stands out the most was the art of "fighting" 
The Ignicos holds one of the most powerful specialist type of power 
Which was passed down to generations to generations
The Manipulation of the night
They honed that skill and keeps sharpening it until it can cut with no effort
They're Other Destined Family are The Zoldyck Family which was one of the most powerful assassins born in this world 
And in the past centuries
The Zoldyck Family always makes an arrangement for a wedding With The Ignicos Family
But the present Ignicos Family...doesn't have any Females...but Males..

What will happen by then?

Or are there more secret's willing to emerge out of the darkness?

P.S. Criticize my work in order to make it better and please point out any mistakes if i missed one or two thank you!

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