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The Nerd rejecting her Alpha Mate

The Nerd rejecting her Alpha Mate

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Snow Leopard the Ninja Demi-god SlytherRavenPuff By Miss_Naiive Updated Feb 20, 2015

~*~ In all those stories about werewolves, most of the recent ones involve Alpha's and their Mates, and are about the nerdy girl getting rejected by the popular Alpha, but what if its the other way round for once, and It's the Nerd who rejects the Alpha?? Follow this story that knocks the normal tales upside down and shows you the underside. ~*~

(This story is about rejection and finding - and realising- love, truth and lies -> mostly at least)

AminaTullu AminaTullu Apr 08, 2016
I've had that moment when I think woke up late I get ready really fast and once im done I look at the time and see that I have like an hour left. I feel you Mackenzie,I feel you. *wiping fake tears.
emontoya53 emontoya53 Sep 14, 2016
Been there wake up see the clock shower, get dressed and ready for work and find out it Sunday no work
KaneishaCastillo KaneishaCastillo Jul 07, 2016
Yes that day u get up all excited to only realize that u have a whole hour and more before you have to get ready
Cheshirefox10 Cheshirefox10 Dec 25, 2015
I have been looking for a book like this for ages!!! Many thanks! !!
Tinaa_M Tinaa_M Sep 24, 2015
I'm sort of annoyed with these comments, 'nerds' are just smart people, who enjoy to study, that doesn't mean they can't have fashion sense
2TeensWriting 2TeensWriting Aug 26, 2015
What app do you use for your cover art? I would really like to know, thank you!