The Silent Ones

The Silent Ones

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For most of her life, Amelie Sparks had been accused of delinquency because of her perennial disobedience to her mother. Not only was the accusation wrong in Amelie's eyes, but it was what catapulted her from a life of normality to hallowed Wensleyer Academy, where academic abilities are challenged and status is the utmost currency. While she was never one to care for appearances, she couldn't help but immerse herself into the world of the In Crowd, which was a little tedious to keep up with, but the opportunities surely transcended the complications.  

Employed as an assistant for the cataloger of an ancient library, Amelie swings between hidden basements, gorgeous labyrinths, and the cool underworld of her friends, uncovering pieces of information that helps her to understand her place in this world and the Academy better. In more ways than one, she discovers more than she needs to. She starts to know things, things that compromise her future, her sanity, and, ultimately, her life, if she isn't careful with them.

This new world is a lot less shallow than she thinks, and with time slipping from her hands, she just keeps falling in deeper and deeper.

Once you're In, you cannot get out.

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