Daughter Of Khione

Daughter Of Khione

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Chiron sends a group of three to retrieve a halfblood. It's been reported by a satyr that the halfblood had been taken from the Lotus Casino to one of Hephaestus' forges, which are located inside volcanoes, by a group of big, nasty, ugly monsters called telkhines.

Having faced the telkhines in a similar situation before, it's Percy's and Annabeth's jobs to join in on the quest, which they are definitely not happy about. Being the one the Oracle gave the quest to, and the one who dreamed of the beautiful demigod girl, it's Leo Valdez' job to help. It also helps that he can't be hurt by fire since he generates it himself. He would have asked his friends, Piper and Jason, to join him if they weren't already on a small quest for the Roman camp: Camp Jupiter.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters apart from Sais. All rights to the other characters belong to the original author, Rick Riordan. I do, however, own the plot and story itself.

Credit for the cover go to @scorch_stiles

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