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Arthur Kirkland's Problem

Arthur Kirkland's Problem

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HypedOnCandyForever By HypedOnCandyForever Completed

England keeps remembering the revolution because of something France said, and he can't get it off his mind. Before long he completely breaks down, and Norway and Romania are forced to erase his memory and turn him into a little boy. They send him to a random orphanage in America so he can live happily.      Unfortunately, this creates problems; the country of Britain doesn't have someone to take care of it, now! So, Norway and Romania decide that turning Arthur Kirkland  back into England would be a smart idea.. There's only one small problem-  ARTHUR WAS ADOPTED!      UsUk / UkUs

CodyBlueze CodyBlueze Jun 21
on the best timing, I just read it and then my brother screamed, "whyyyyy?!?!" from downstairs while crying. Is it bad that I'm laughing about this?
Larckla Larckla Mar 14
Once I sat crying through a whole lesson. 
                              I'm not sure if I was supossed to feel relieved that no one saw or sad bc no one noticed
Nerdy_n_Proud Nerdy_n_Proud Nov 10, 2016
Hello voice of negativity, my old friend... would you kindly piss the hell off?
I snorted. Very awkward since my neighbors and my sister were in the same room and they stared at me. . . so I laughed to get them to look away. It works eventually. . . now onward!! Back to the story.
Nerdy_n_Proud Nerdy_n_Proud Nov 10, 2016
My baby! My baby my baby my baby! Don't cry love! It hurts my heart when you do!