The Music of Jupiter

The Music of Jupiter

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X97A2 is an orbital on a century-long research mission in around Jupiter. He hears music coming deep from within the planet, and enters its atmosphere on a one way trip to investigate. What he learns on his five minute journey will not only change the world, but it will challenge his place in it.

I wrote this story sitting in my hotel room in Grosvenor Square, London, the night before my trip to Oxford University to speak on complex networks. I stumbled on a YouTube video (with nine million views) playing what is called "The Music of Jupiter". I was inspired by the hypnotic and spooky sound. I even embedded the video in the story, and you can listen while reading.

What started as a first contact story, morphed into a story on sentience. And about finding life and awareness in unexpected places. THE MUSIC OF JUPITER is also about mothers, like Miranda, and their importance in our lives. I dedicate this to my own mother Anna Maria, and my sister Lisa (also a mother).

I am brave enough to call this Young Adult fiction, aimed as 12-18-year-olds. But the story transcends age. Hopefully, the 1980 pop culture references are not too obscure, but we live in the age of easy access to information from the web and social media. And Stevie Nicks continues to rock on, twirling away in the present day.

Thanks to my beta readers and editors. And a special thanks to my husband Doug who for his vegan pancakes and critique. By the way, my covers are by Carl at Extended Imagery. He is super talented; check out his work

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AriChanTheOtaku AriChanTheOtaku May 10, 2017
this was amazingly written, the characters are oh so lovable, the description of everything is awesome , and the fact that i'm a science loving nerd makes it even better
fatfaceheart fatfaceheart Jan 15, 2017
Boom. Crash. The sound of my heart. The beat goes on and on and on and on.