Luna Alyssa 🌹 (ON HOLD)

Luna Alyssa 🌹 (ON HOLD)

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Elle Jane By Elle7ane Updated Jul 08

My body freeze when I hear someone's heavy breathing behind me. My eyes go wide and I try to calm myself down. A hand softly grabbed my arm and pulled me around to face.


I can't see his full face, but the only thing that is shining right now other than the moon is his eyes. It shines a golden color, and he is still breathing heavily.

"I... found... you..."
He says to me with an amount of difficulty. He raises his right hand and slowly rubbed my cheeks. He close our proximity and his head moved to the crook of my neck.

My breath hitch when I feel his breathing against my skin and it sends a shiver to my body. My body temperature rise.
Oh god,
Suddenly, he grunts and fell onto me.
What ?