Belong With You (Elijah Mikaelson)

Belong With You (Elijah Mikaelson)

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Annalise Candice Forbes has returned home from college, once she gets a call from her mother, Elizabeth Forbes, that her father has been attacked. 

Once she gets to Mystic Falls she finds her father on his death bed. Then and there Annalise decides she needs to stay in Mystic Falls with her mother and little sister. 

One day she runs into a friend from College. Surprised at his appearance in her hometown.

Follow Annalise Candice Forbes through her supernatural journey, and throw in a love interest to the mix, there is bound to be drama. It is Mystic Falls after all. 

Elijah/OC, and Original/OC Friendship

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Josh from the Originals? I love him he’s so sweet and that sass
If the professor is Elijah I would do anything for him.... anything
I already like history but if I had Elijah as a teacher I think I would love it
aakiira15 aakiira15 Sep 18
i asked the mom whose kids i'm babysitting what my duties were and she said "feed them and make sure they don't kill each other"
Imagine having Elijah as a professor. I would die than come back to life just to zone out at his face.
Anna is bit like female Elijah xD (considering her like in history and wording promises v carefully) 😅😂