Fapping Over My Brother

Fapping Over My Brother

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BoyxBoy's #1 Stalker 옥 By CozyBXBLover Updated Jan 16, 2017

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*R E W R I T E*


(W A R N I N G: This story may contain adult content, incest, and sexual moments between two men.)   

Tanner and  his older brother Ross don't get along in the slightest.

Ever since he was a snot noes eight year old kid he's been trying to get in his brother's good graces, but nothing worked. Finally at the age of twelve he gave up and started treating his eldest brother a lot more harsh then he had gotten treated by his brother when he was younger. Always playing mean tricks on him, embarrassing him in front of his friends, and one of Tanners favorites getting him in trouble with their parents! He wanted a snot noes monster as a brother, so that's what Tanner gave him. 

After years of torturing his eldest brother it was his time to flee off to college. His brother rarely came home for visits and when he did Tanner would make It his mission not to spend anytime home if he was there. But, he's strikes out of luck when he finds out his parents are going to be going on a week long honeymoon vacation and his brother will be put in charge of things until they get back.

Our little Tanner thinks it will be just like the old times when his brother use to live home. But, Ross isn't that scrawny, naive brother he use to be. He's actually going to fight back... Hard!

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