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Evangheline Farcas By evangheline Updated 4 years ago
Two daughters, one father, one brutal enemy...determined to be the keeper of both.
Oh and sorry it's taken me a while to get to this, very behind in my reading at the moment. Cheers, Gav
I like the prologue.  It is so cool to see the "other side" when human were kicked out of Eden.  I wonder what this is all about :)
oooh! This is nice. I like the dark and the mystery. There's a typo where it says there's no furry like a woman's fury. Furry? Like a kitten, lol. Nice. hehe, we all do that from time to time. =) ok, I'm reading on. 
i had my eyes on this story for a while but could not read...been very busy with college :)
                                    anyway the begining was, umm, how can i say.....dark..mysterious..confusing. and was beautifully written. im off to the next chapter :D
@evangheline Thank you :) I have a few ideas in mind so I think I will :D
@evangheline I didn't actually know you could at the moment, but I might. I'm just worried that I won't finish what I start because I lose the thread "/ Maybe I will, I will have to look into it more though :)