The Joy of a Neko (A SAO Fan Fic) 《ONGOING ON HOLD》

The Joy of a Neko (A SAO Fan Fic) 《ONGOING ON HOLD》

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Le Nazomi~ By NazomiWriter Updated Jan 07, 2015

Jalene was one of the few characters that survived the death game Sword Art Online which trapped players to fight to death, literally, till all
100 floors were beaten. Her family was extremely worried the whole time she was gone. All her family went into depression. Her mother committed suicide when Jalene was 3 months into the game. She gave up. Her father struggled to go on without his wife. Soon after, he suffered the same fate, leaving a 15-year old girl to wait for her 16-year old sister alone. She managed until Jalene came back. Jalene believed it was her fault her parents died and never forgave herself. Her grades dropped, and she hardly smiled. Her sister tried to brighten the mood, but she felt horrible too. Secretly, her sister played Afheim, like SAO but players were free to log out, which Jalene soon joined. The two survived the year with videogames but when Neko Realm came out, they looked forward to it. She wondered if she'd see her idol Kirito who saved millions of people by beating SAO, but instead finds something else waiting for her instead.


I based my characters off of nekopara without realizing it even existed. So if you notice where Jalene and her sister come from, that's why.

It's embarrassing, I know, but I had no idea where they originated from.