Biersack daddy (Andy Biersacks Daughter)

Biersack daddy (Andy Biersacks Daughter)

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Angela By pizzaaddams Updated Dec 03, 2015

Andy's POV

"Peekaboo." I said taking my hands off of my face, seeing my little angel giggling at me.

"Andy, come on." Juliet said rolling her eyes standing in the doorway of my room,  I sighed and stood up, with my baby in my arms.

"Daddy will come get you again soon, baby. Ok?" I said as we were walking downstairs in my parents house.

My baby; Kylie Selene Biersack, was 9 months old, and no, she's not Juliet's kid. I had Kylie with an old girlfriend when I was drunk after having a fight with Juliet, then ended up getting her pregnant, only to find out 10 months later, my parents call me saying that there's an un-named baby on their porch, with my ex-girlfriends handwriting saying that it's mine.

Kylie has dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, milky white skin, and cute little chubby cheeks.

I leave Kylie here with my parents for a little bit, because of Juliet and her hatred towards kids, so sense I'm in love with her, I have to leave my beautiful daughter in Ohio while me and my g...

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TheFearedShisui TheFearedShisui Apr 30, 2017
Why do I have a feeling that Juliet is gonna put Kylie in the adoption center instead of actually adopting her 😑
ScorchSurvivors ScorchSurvivors Aug 13, 2017
sadxgirlyy sadxgirlyy Mar 11, 2017
if i have kids they can wear whatever they want, they choose. no hate in my house
Most babies first words with be some form of dad because its easier to say than mum/mom... I cant remember how, or why though... Dont ask how i know that 😂😂
cutie_cutie22 cutie_cutie22 Jun 10, 2016
I don't know why but the first time I set eyes on her I hated her sooooo much I thought I was going to explode
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Apr 25, 2016
Bitch u need to find a girl that wants to be a mom with a side of you, not a girl who wants you with a side of a kid