Siren (BWWM)

Siren (BWWM)

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calypso By _macc_ Updated 7 days ago

Drea is finally going to meet the man of her dreams. Literally. Her mate, Rayland has been visiting her in her dreams for months now and the two will finally unite. 

Drea Is different though, and so is Rayland.... They are both scared of rejection and will do anything to avoid it, but with what Drea really is, Ray might want to reject her and she's not having it. 
Go along with this pair of mates as they search, find, and gather their souls and themselves and see if this little Siren will have to go off.


This is legit me every morning and pretty much all of the time, but especially in the mornings.
jiminchiimm jiminchiimm 4 days ago
We All either die or get killed pfffff watcha gon do pfff watcha gon do 🎶
QueenCreepsAndLaugh QueenCreepsAndLaugh Aug 30, 2016
Hmm interesting he scare? Last time I check and reread you was one of the strongest alpha's
QueenCreepsAndLaugh QueenCreepsAndLaugh Jun 10, 2016
Um... Bitch if he doesn't want to be with you he DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU.... Creep
QueenCreepsAndLaugh QueenCreepsAndLaugh Aug 30, 2016
Did snoop dog came up in this story or someone drug her? Or she sniff cocaine or doing drugs- Just Kidding lol
KmB279 KmB279 Nov 04, 2016
Dead I can't breathe the way I pictured this in my head made this funny as hell sorry Drea