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Sons of Ironstorm - Book 1: Griffon's Rise

Sons of Ironstorm - Book 1: Griffon's Rise

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Shawn Jackson By bloodsword Completed

Welcome to the twin worlds of Ramnor and Rimnor: lush, beautiful, and magical. They are also the center of the Maker's universe, the cornerstone on which all of Creation is built. If one, or both are destroyed, then Creation itself will begin to unravel.
And destruction of those worlds is the goal of the Lords of the Abyss, masters of the shadows that haunt the edges of Reality. To that end, they long ago gathered a vast army of demonspawn and made their war on Reality, defeated at the last possible moment by an alliance of mortal races and by the hand of the Creator themselves.
Despite their defeat, the Lords have not given up trying to destroy all of Reality. And now, tens of thousands of years after their initial defeat, they once again threaten to destroy everything that ever was.
Except this time even fewer will stand against them. And they themselves don't even know who they are, and what they are fated to do. Can this meager handful discover their destiny before it's too late and all of Reality dies in demon fire?
Join heroes from the Humans, the Elves, the centaur-like Quada, the cat-like Muraan, and the fish-like Picea as they learn of their fates and struggle against the vanguard of evil that threatens to wash them away in the first book of the Sons of Ironstorm Chronicles, 'Griffon's Rise'. I hope you enjoy.

MatchstickShadow MatchstickShadow Sep 17, 2016
I haven't read any yet, but did anything inspire you to write this series? Like, Lord of the Rings? Just curious.
awalllen212 awalllen212 Aug 31, 2016
These apostrophes are really getting on my nerves not every God damned name needs an apostrophy
NormanMcNeese NormanMcNeese Jan 28, 2015
Just found this story. The prologue has done its job. Dig in grab on buckle up and take me on a journey. Or not let's see........
relon45 relon45 Jan 05, 2015
Hello and well met my friend, another tale, another web you weave. As I read, I smile, I thank you for your efforts. I read on. :-)
husbdavi husbdavi Dec 24, 2013
Are ypu going to add to this, fabulous beginning, can't wait for further chapters :-) fingers crossed
knoni2006 knoni2006 Nov 11, 2013
Just discovered this story. Well written, vivid descriptions, and the promise of an exciting plot.
                              You got my vote:-)