Running Into The Gangster

Running Into The Gangster

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friesbeforeguys101 By friesbeforeguys101 Updated May 15

Some call me bad luck. 
Some call me unlucky.
Some call me their worst nightmare.
Most fear me.
Most scream when they see me.

And I smile.

I smile because that's what I love the best.

Their fear. 

I love it, when it goes through their eyes when I point the gun and shoot them dead.
I love how pale they turn when they hear me chuckle.
I just love the sound of their rapidly beating hearts against their chest.

But when she comes along, that's where my true demon comes out. That's where I love it the most when I scare her and become her worst nightmare. 

I'll break her.
I'll break that little fiery soul of hers.

And I'll laugh when it's in my hands.

*mature theme

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