Ghost Of You (Larry Stylinson AU Mpreg) *Book One*

Ghost Of You (Larry Stylinson AU Mpreg) *Book One*

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Jen 🤔 By _SweetDisposition_ Completed

BEFORE YOU READ! This story was written a long time ago, back then I was dumb, ignorant and didn't know any better. This story has heavy noncon and I regret writing it, plus it has so many grammar mistakes that I just shake my head at. Please read at your own risk if you do decide to read.


For Louis Tomlinson love was never meant for him or that's what he thought, that's what he used to tell him and he believed it. He did nothing but love Harry and all Harry did was destroy him. After four years of Louis avoiding Harry after he completely broke him he comes back into his life claiming what is his, begging for forgiveness and wanting what he could have had but threw away. To Louis he was just a ghost of the past, someone he still loves after everything and now his life is a mess.

Warning: Contains violence, Non-Con, bullying, mpreg. 
If you don't like any of this or it could be triggering please refrain from reading. Hateful comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.


Put Your Lips Close to Mine as Long as They Don't Touch Series

Part 1: Ghost Of You (Completed)
Part 2: As Long As You Love Me (Sequel)
Part 3: Ten Thousand Promises, Ten Thousand Ways to Lose (First prequel one shot coming soon)
Part 4: The Reason I Hold On (Second prequel one shot coming soon)

Amazing cover by @david_bob
Amazing trailer by @allymets5
Amazing trailer by @sha_amztastic

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_SweetDisposition_ _SweetDisposition_ Aug 09, 2017
@Lina-Rey there is a warning about that in the summary. I don't want anyone to be surprised bc it's bad.
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Aug 09, 2017
I'm really not OKAY wtf I've just read the whole fic a months ago and I didn't figured it out until chapter 2 😂😓😢😭
MissNena2142 MissNena2142 Jun 18, 2017
This is still my fav book why do you regret writing it? I understand the grammar could be better and more warnings should be present buuuttttt it's still an amazing plot line and it's still amazing
agnes0218 agnes0218 May 14, 2017
I'm pretty sure Harry has a disorder like wtf is wrong with him atm
tondada tondada Aug 02, 2017
Excited to reread this one Jennifer.  It's been a couple of years so I'm thinking I'm going to be just as emotional as the first time I read it.  💔😭
rayray3120a rayray3120a May 31, 2017
TF!!?????? THIS IS THE 1ST CHAPTER!!!!!!😟😟😭😭😭😭