Star Wars: The Clone Wars: He Returned For Me

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: He Returned For Me

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Ahsoka-2Sabers By Ahsoka-2Sabers Completed

Ahsoka tano fights along side her master Anakin Skywalker on Felucia. In the middle of battle, someone familiar to Ahsoka captures her. Will Anakin find Ahsoka? Can Ahsoka survive? Read to find out. This is my first book and I hope you enjoy 😄

I do not own Star Wars! 
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Tiki2TGT Tiki2TGT Oct 31, 2017
How did the mercenary fake his way to get along faking as a jedi?
fuzzykoala101 fuzzykoala101 Nov 15, 2017
This is really good. Especially if this is your first book!👍
SWRgirl SWRgirl Jun 07, 2017
Why have I never found this book before. It's so good and so unique 😱
DrexhunterCross DrexhunterCross Aug 15, 2017
"Ahsoka"... turns to Master Skywalker
                              "Kick his ass for me Snips"
CNDX-DEW CNDX-DEW Nov 05, 2017
Your really good. Congrats on your first book!!! The only thing I would suggest is putting points of views in here. I really don't like 3rd person p.o.v.
AhsokaLux10 AhsokaLux10 Sep 21, 2017
The "choose between us youngling!" part doesn't sound like something Plo would say