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Top Ten Reasons To Love...

Top Ten Reasons To Love...

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Night By keiyani Updated Jan 29, 2011

Contains a sexy Slytherin, a gorgeous bat, a noseless Dark lord, and many other characters. Ten reasons why you should love them. :)

avilisaxcdx1997 avilisaxcdx1997 Nov 11, 2011
Yes. All of these are true. Why do you think I am a freaking Draco FANGIRL, who spends her life writing Draco fanfiction? :)
starlight-argent starlight-argent Sep 11, 2011
yep...he's a afraid of nothing....(*note my sarcasm*)
                              *fawns over Draco*
                              i like numba 5 n numba 9
movedtonewaccount movedtonewaccount Aug 22, 2011
Oh, this is funny.. he is soooo sexy. ;] You made that point clear about.. 10 times.. and afraid of nothing? YUP! :D OH, AND THAT SCAR WOULD BE VERY SEXY AND INVITING.. <:3
Deej019 Deej019 Aug 04, 2011
@keiyani oh, it you might've mentioned it once, twice, ten times ;D
Deej019 Deej019 Aug 03, 2011
I'm starting to think that you think he's sexy, am I correct? :D
keiyani keiyani May 01, 2011
@TheDinosaurRumbleOwO Half Blood Prince. You don't see the scar, but in the book, Snape says that even with Dittany, it will still scar.