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Hannah By hannah82952 Updated Jun 28

Lucy Mitchell, is your average 21 year old. Living with her best friend Sarah and, Sarahs's boyfriend Caleb. But when Sarah gets her a job at Witmore inc and finds out she's the new P A for the CEO. What will she do with her new arrogant and rude boss? 

Daniel Witmore, is the CEO of Witmore inc after his father handed him the company. Daniel had to take on a lot of responsibility at only 23. Taking care of his sick grandfather, and showing his family he has what it takes to carry this company. But that's what he liked he's a workaholic. He loves what he does almost as much as he loves his family.

What happens when Lucy won't take anymore of Daniels constant insults and rudeness? Will she be fired for standing up for herself? 

( I'm a newly writer so this won't be the best book you've read on here. But I hope it won't be the worst. I can't promise updates every week or every month but I'll try to get them out quickly.  I hope you enjoy  )