Dragon Kurta.(Kurapika x Reader x Chrollo x Various)

Dragon Kurta.(Kurapika x Reader x Chrollo x Various)

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♕3rd place winner in HxHWattyAwards 2017 for category| Love Story♕

(Y/n), Ryo Dragoki. The reincarnation of the mighty Dragoka king Ryota Dragoki. 

(Y/n) lived her life quite happily, but her mother died when she was only five. Then her friends got massacred when she was 12. 

(Y/n) didn't think her life could get any worse. That's was until she met a young man whom she fell deeply in love for. 

But the man she fell in love with turned out to be the leader of the people who murdered her clan. 


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Kirasms Kirasms Aug 03
                              like legit someone could flirt with me for YEARS and id have no clue
Rivals haha Im not a princess Im a prince because Im a tomboy
Yes! I love the legend of Zelda twilight princess I also love breath of the wild! And I love being goaly in soccer and I love football!
I see this in a lot of story's and i don't know what it is is it this😰
I relate to you on a spirit animal level lol i lovelegend of Zelda twighlight is ma fav
You just noticed?? The name and the clothes should've given it away... not to mention he looks almost exactly the same as he did when he was younger