Secret Rejection

Secret Rejection

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Annie By Dusk_Love Updated Aug 12, 2014

Lily Grove just wants a mate. She's dreamt of it ever since she first shifted into her Wolf. 

Her desire for a mate is her little secret and no one would guess it because she's a goth freak. Unfortunately, her goth cover turns out to be her demise when Nate Stone comes along. 

Nate is what Lily would call an extremely hot dude.
An extremely hot dude who rejects her. 
And then tells her to keep it a secret from the pack.

Devastated, heartbroken, and basically shattered inside, Lily loses her passion for life and everything else that comes with it. Filling in the empty void is envy. Envy for every other mated couple out there and for all the people who can find happiness, except her. 

After a horrible incident, she knows that the darkness is getting to her. In every single Werewolf, there is a part of them that is pure darkness. Without their mate, the darkness grows and grows, until you finally succumb to it and die. 

Seeing Nate everyday turns into a slowly, painful countdown to her death. Little does she know, Nate is suffering from the darkness too. 

Who will succumb to the darkness first, Lily or Nate? Or will there be a change of plans?

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tvishis tvishis Oct 24, 2017
of corse thats the first thng he says! it always is! but i still love it!!
KadeeHarston KadeeHarston Sep 08, 2017
Mystery_Ninja Mystery_Ninja May 03, 2016
I'm listening to team rn and the lyrics playing are: b🎤aby I got me baby I got me ya that's all I need🎤 
                              My point is that it goes SOO well with this chapter :p
Lady_Kimiko Lady_Kimiko May 27, 2016
                              I can totally relate to this because I AM THE SAME! 
                              I am Lily. Lily is me. We are one. 
YouAintHaveJams YouAintHaveJams Apr 09, 2016
*bites lip to stop screaming in frustration and lip ends up bleeding* oops.
sweetzzz sweetzzz Mar 18, 2015
Nah! !! Like u could have said thank for helping me out dude