The Twin Kings

The Twin Kings

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Darth Vader | I Am Your Father By RunawayTroubleMaker Updated Aug 11, 2014

Another Twin Mates Story
Boy x Boy x Boy
The Twin King

Hunter Smith who is 17 and his packs loves him even his family
Eli and Jacob Johns are the Kings of all werewolves. They’re also twins who are 17.

~~~~A Little Short Summary of What’s Going to Happened~~~~

Narrator P.O.V (A/n: The story wouldn't be in narrator’s P.O.V I’m just doing it now)

Hunter was walking until he passes an ally. He heard a groaning sound think someone was having sex.  ‘People these days,’ he though.

Then he smelt four scents. One intoxicating delicious he can get enough one that smelt like his mate, but three other nasty, filthy, dirty small that was horrible like a rogue.

He turns to see three rogues beating a guy that smell… liker his mate? His mate! (A/n: Eli is the guy which is one of his mates.) 

He growled with power that the rogues fear for then they stopped to look at him then scramble away. He ran to his mate getting on his knees to see him losing consciousness.

“Stay with me,” he cried not want to lose him at the same time he looks familiar. His eyes peered into his showing love and happiness that it was his mate who had saved him. Making every part of his body to stay awake, but he couldn't. He felt weak, but love the idea his mate the person that will be standing by his brother (Jacob) and his sides, well in the middle of them but it’s still the same.  

He lifted up his heavy body on his back and ran to the hospital. . .

So what happens when Jacob banish Hunter from being in a any pack turning him to stay a rogue and if any pack finds him asking to join the pack to abuse him and kick him off their land after.

What happen when Eli woke up from his coma and tell Jacob everything of what happened to him?


How do you likie good eh?

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