Falling For You

Falling For You

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Liam's always there for Elena no matter what. When Elena goes back to school to be accused of something horrible, Liam's there for her like always. He always got her back especially when they've been best friends for as long as each other could remember. 

For Liam, he has feelings for Elena that are more than just friends. The thing is, Elena only thinks of him as her best friend.

Then comes in Drew. He hates Elena at first but after the misunderstanding, feelings start to bloom. 

Elena takes interest in Drew and Liam sees that. As much as he wants to be more than friends with Elena, he couldn't do that. It would be too selfish of him. After all, if you loved someone, you would do anything for them. Even if it's giving up your own love.

When summer comes, Liam does something that makes things awkward between Elena and himself. Things get complicated especially when Drew comes in.

You think love is hard? Try falling in love with your best friend.

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leasymay leasymay Jun 16, 2016
Omg I love the man who can't be moved, who am I kidding, I love every script song. This is a great start!
randomkid1234 randomkid1234 Feb 21, 2015
if my best friend died i dont know how i would live. she is a lot like me and we are just like sisters. we even fight like then . its awesome.
veda1100xox veda1100xox Feb 17, 2015
@ElenaSmith1 she probs got it from the vampire diaries because the person she thought of Elena is Nina dobrev and Nina dobrrev is the Starr of the vampire diaries and her name is Elena in the show!!!
montana137 montana137 Jan 01, 2015
i love this book. Its sad at some parts :( but its an amazing book. <3
ElenaSmith1 ElenaSmith1 Dec 21, 2014
So jw where did you get the name Elena? My names Elena lol so Im curious
me0582174 me0582174 Mar 16, 2013
I luv this book I also like the book "my player of a best friend" ur an awesome writer