The 'First' Bodyguard  (Old Verison)

The 'First' Bodyguard (Old Verison)

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Melody Edwin is a 17 year old, British teenager. She's a black belt in Karate, knows six different languages, and can spot a sniper 100 feet away. 
  And what are all these skills useful for? 
  To become the new bodyguard of the President of the United states, of course.
   Posing as his daughter, and the "twin" of his son, Melody has a lot more to worry about then if she's wearing the right shoes, or the right clothes. 
  Like who's trying to assassinate the President..... 
  And why the president's son has a sudden interest in her.

  • bodyguard
  • first
  • killing
  • president
  • shot
Mathews2U Mathews2U Jan 02
Just a question but will the whole story be in 3rd person pov
Okay I don't really know a lot but Lincoln was president 1861 - 1865. I don't know where she works but I'm guessing it's MI5 or something I don't really know many other British places that would train someone like that but MI5 was created in 1909. I don't understand but it's probably just me 😄
lightningshitstorm lightningshitstorm Nov 09, 2016
It says in the description that she speaks six languages, my dad speaks seven languages! Aha, take that! 😝
amber-evie amber-evie Feb 06, 2017
So the president 'daughter' is going to fall in love the presidents son 😅
coconaughts coconaughts Aug 23, 2015
Its good but it switches from first person and third so that makes it kind of confusing
Banana_Rainbow Banana_Rainbow Nov 29, 2014
It's a good story with an amazing plot; however, it jumps around a lot from first person to third.